Are you a New Zealand business?

Yes we are!! But we source our products from all around the world so we can bring you the best prices possible. 

Where do you source your products from? 

All our products are sourced from providers from all around the world eg China and India.

We do our best to ensure all our products are ethically sourced! We are always open to any feedback and send that over to info@whareco.com. PS we really want to work with other NZ businesses and if that's you please holla at us.

How does shipping work? 

First of all all shipping is free! Please click here to see all our shipping policy.

Where are you based? 

Our HQ (well, really just our flat) is in Wellington, NZ. 

Why did you choose Whare & Co.?

We are just New Zealanders trying to use more Te Reo in our lives and as the business grows we will be offering a range products for your house.

Who are you people?

Wouldn't you like to know?  Follow us on the gram @whareandco.